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The second largest island off the South Australian coast, Thistle Island is 16km in length, 5km wide, and covers an area of some 4,000 hectares - including over 1,500 hectares of arable land - and is divided into 50 Freehold titles. Average rainfall is 20" and household tanks provide excellent quality water for home use.

Old ruins on Thistle

Existing buildings comprise a large stone homestead; 3-stand shearing shed, plus an 18m x 30m implement shed and workshop. Over 500 sheep are currently carried on the island, and all existing fences are in good condition.
A private pleasure ~ As well as being a paradise for fishermen, Thistle Island has many other attractive advantages. With an enormous variety of scenery, and blessed by a Mediterranean-style climate, the island is a perfect place for a host of leisure activities, right throughout the year.
Beautiful, safe and secluded beaches abound along the east coast - contrasting dramatically with the spectacular cliffs and rocks to the west. Thistle Island offers many excellent opportunities for swimming, surfing, rock-climbing, skin-diving - or just soaking up the sun.
Inland, the natural, unspoilt bushland, historical ruins and dry limestone caves - plus a fascinating variety of wildlife - provide a constant source of interest and pleasure.
On Thistle Island there is room to enjoy a sense of personal privacy and seclusion not usually possible on smaller island properties. Yet the ideal location of the island means that these desirable qualities are combined with the added advantage of easy access to mainland centres.

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